Tuesday, June 23



Thats what I updated on my facebook last Friday. What is on my mind now? 39

Facebook is taking a lot of my attention now. I have an Orkut account. I started that to see what is all these social networking is about. Orkut is popular with Indias. May be they are targeting the new economy BRIC? I see lot of Braizilians also there. But I dont do much Orkut these days. And thats not entertaining too if you are not active.

Facebook is different. Thanks to mobile apps, people just update their status on Facebook. And good thing is unlike scraps, these are not specific messages to anyone. This is like telling everyone. A loud thinking. A sigh. Depending on how you set up you see read all these on your main page. Do not have to go anywhere. I am driving. I just stopped. I just filled gas etc. etc. It entertains. Though I still do not write much, I visit facebook everyday. Glancing on the first page, I can get a quick view on whats happening around.

Someone can have a facebook based app for development teams also. And for business teams. Instead of writing weekly reports that are boring, may these these are better for teams to collaborate on information.

39. Four years since I wrote about fading shadows. What did change. The shadow should have started shrinking and I should have started coming out of it now. I am think a bit differently now. The first half was learning. The second half need to be delivering. Am I doing that? Am I falling off?

I want to get back. On blogging too. Entire 2008, I had 9 posts! Compare that with 35 in 2007 and 57 in 2006. And this is the first in 2009. I thought of moving to Wordpress. But why? What does it help? My problem is not where it is hosted. It is simply that I do not know what to write these days. I have lost of the corner of mind that was used as a scratchpad. At 4 past noon, am I still struggling?

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