Thursday, June 28

Optimism -kids teach us

Optimism is seeing an opportunity in every calamity.

How can we do that? See my situation. With all expectations and plans, my visa interview gets into a mishap, the 2-3 weeks wait for name-check resultsps nothing but more and more stories of months long waits, I finally decide to board a plane to India for a break. And there again, mid air, one engine bows down with a blasting sound and the pilot decides to fly back. You get wild. Why is this happening to me? Why all the negatives?

I explained to the kids who were stuck on the 4in TV screens.
"Look, there is a problem with this plane. So we are flying back and will have to board another plane" I explained.
"Yahoo!" Ian screams "We get to see one more TV!!!!"

Tuesday, June 26


God opens a door when he closes a window. I am thankful he lets me slip in through these doors. Prayers that I am always thankful and be humble.

I was in India last week for a short visit. Just escaped out on the second day of the rain drain picking a 6 hours delayed flight from Calicut airport. Past one month I am going through such small trials on my patience and trust in Allah.

My original plan was to start off in the US starting May. Attended interview on the 24th Apr. Everything went fine. "I am approving your visa" says the consular, adding after a spoken semicolon "but you know the world has changed a lot after you got your visa last time" He then explains that my name is too common and appears in the name database too many times and he has to get a name check done by Washington for stamping the same. And it would take 2-3 weeks time.

I normally do not plan anything in advance. But this time I had. I had planned my packing, vacating my apt etc. Everything went as per plan. Except for teh visa. A week later, we were homeless living on four suitcases! Two weeks I kept on in a temporary serviced apartment. The 2-3 weeks went off peacefully.. no updates. Consular had given me a phone number that I can call up to check the status. Every call costs $15. I can speak to the operator for 15min for that money. I did call, twice. The call center collects all the information and then calls me back -
Sorry sir, it is still under process. We are not in a position to give you any update. And we are helpless we cannot provide you an estimate too.
Then decided to drop off family in India. Plan to execution in two days. Tokyo Colombo flight had an engine failure (with a blasting sound!) mid air and then went back.. A day stay at Narita Nikko hotel with good food three times a day. Till the next day evening. Then they sent us via Bangkok on a JAL plane. A day late, I reached home. Stayed for two weeks, left family there and then came back to wait.

Anyway family got a good break in India before US embassy called up and said the name check is over. Send them the passports for stamping. So we are back here and waiting for the stampings to be done. With the four suitcases, in the hotel room in Shinjuku.

Patience Riyaz, patience. Innallaha maghassaabireen