Saturday, October 25

US, us and the World Order

Determined for Democracy
Comeon, you and me know well that US is the most talkative guy when it comes to freedom and justice. They are for democracy. Bush, when his election was announced did not even bother to remember the name of Mussharaf since he was a dictator. Well, he supported well to "elect" a government in Afghanistan. Musharaf is now a good man. Determined to clean the earth of terrorism.

Why remove Saddam? He is not liked by Iraqis. They never had a choice. He would kill anyone opposing.

Bush, elected. Well stated. We had a nice weeklong story that everyone enjoyed without any bloodshed. The Bush-Gore war after US elections. See this

American has reenginered most of its institutions
and Corporations, but now one has dared sugest
any basic changes in this dead cow.
35% of the voters vote,
out of these only 17% voted for the President holding office
65% voted neither by boycotting the election.
So a system that can rule by 17% of the electorate
Is a dysfunctional system that no longer works
and in effect is a Dead Man ruling the Living.

Someone wrote the above in Pravda.

Dr. Fuad tells me:
What are you trying to do? Preach to Bush and Blair?!
Anyway , nice to know there are souls doing more than watching the bombing live and apprteciating the precision of cruise missles and tomahawks and criticising the wayward patriot missiles

Well, no preaching to B&B!! But when I see something wrong, if I cant stop it directly or indirectly, I should at least try to let someone know it is wrong. Thats all. While I am writing this, possibly there are souls departing loved and loving ones. Probably blood flushing out of slain flesh. As Salam Pax says in his blog, Americans are helping them build a nation by destroying it first. He is trying to free them out by enslaving them to generation length of deseases. And to new culture.

Koizumi san feels he has to support US, because he is his only Uncle Sam. If North Korea does some mischief, he has to call out for this Uncle. Anyway, he says Iraq created the situation by not going on exile!!! Great guys around!!!! General MacArthur added #define Japan_Army=Self_Defence_Alone. By constitution, no military possible for Japan after WW. Only Self Defense Forces. Now the role. Well, they had defended Japan in the last Gulf War. Sending troops to Iraq. This time also they are thinking.

Well, one point is pathetic. One of the biggest financial contributors to UN, that too with no dues I guess, Japan has no say in Security Council. Sad. But why US with veto power need two votes?

Law and Liberty

"UK Prime Minister Tony Blair condemns Iraqi television pictures of the US POWs as a "flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention."
BBC News

I never knew behind the tough man with a steel tail that wages for US has a nice humurous Blair too.

Well, Blair and Bush, the Geneva convention has failed to protect the rights of the civilised people and has become clear that it is not enough to make sure that the mankind (read Americans) safe from "weapons of mass destruction" and people who come to presidency not by using ballot papers printed out by their brothers. Why not take over that too?

Anyway we have decided that the War Crime Tribunal is not really civilised enough to treat Americans well enough and hence made sure that the rules are not applicable to Americans. Anyway, mind you Iraqis, you will have to obey to this tribunal. Hear from Bush "I expect them to be treated, the POWs I expect to be treated humanely. And -- just like we're treating the prisoners that we have captured humanely. If not, the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals"

I remember reading Japanese history. With no Nazi Aryan attitude, why the hell Japan entered WW? Commodore Perry back 100 years opened the closed Japan with some steam ships for trade. Then they realised the Japanese laws are not fair for them, created their own laws for them...

POssible that another world war is in the making.

Anyway, Saddam should be thanked. Considering humankind, for this long, he has not used the bio-chem-weapons of mass destruction. Probably even he does not know where they are kept and hence unable to tell UN guys? Thats why US should be the guys who would inspect arms. All the junk civilisation around, really Americans have tough time explaining all these and convincing. Only Bush has bothered to bother and say "We've got a game plan, a strategy to free the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein and rid his country of weapons of mass destruction, and we're on plan."

Did I hear Laden say so too? But he did a gross mistake by killing several innocent people. He should have directed all the planes to land over whitehouse. Clear target, less casuality and quick action. The US strategy of war now. Did they learn from Laden? Guys, I fear he is in CIA now. He was, right?

When the French gifted State of Liberty, they probably never thought that Liberty has not limit unless defined explicitly

God save us !

Another War?

When I visited the UN HQ in the pre 9/11 NY City, I bought a book. Zlatas Diary. This is a diary written by a girl during the Bosnia days. A good read showing how the daily life of the well doing family approaches a war and how it copes with all the difficulties etc etc. A good read.

It is good for someone to read these even before war breaks. Like this one

Another war is in the making. A man can be cloned. Why not a war?

The American movies will find a good finish. Nadakantham Kavithwam. No one knows.

A war. Only three letters and one syllable. Easy to say. Another three letter CNN would make it enjoyable. It was indeed. Twelve years back? When American kids moved away from Nintendos to the TV for a real War Game. Which made no mistakes. No need to change tapes. Real live. Streaming.

Almost 60 years back, the land I am sitting now was crushed. The M/F ratio inversed. General MacArthur's US changed Japan. They changed the school curriculum. They made them think American.

US is now in far east. A dynamic pool of strong workers in hand. Good position.

The master is already a slave. Blair has declared itself as the 53rd state.

They get a hold on Afghan. Pak and India are racing on who should be laid down first.

And now Iraq. Another General MacArthur is ready waiting to take rule. They will teach Iraqis how to think the US way. May be the Iraqi women would love going to US and getting married to Americans in another 20-30 years. LIke Japan.

If someone would defeat US and take rule over US someday in future history, I have this request. Their school curriculum should be changed. Zlatas diary must be a must read. Now, all these game companies should be sent to Artic. All these war games which made those kids view war as a game should be banned. The TV sets showing any war should also have a feature where it should make the viewers smell blood too. The video tapes of twin tower falling must be shown. And all the associated cries and the bood. Then all such scenes across teh world should be shown. And the cries. And the blood. Teach the blood is red everywhere. Smells the same. And the pain is same.

Teach them what civilisation actually means. I guess the American dictionaries by that time would have defined it as America. As an example sentence it would quote Bush on 9/11.

Teach them when people die, actually people die. For rest of the world, it was people died on 9/11. Not just Americans. Again quoting Bush.

Luckily there are people who can think so even in America. Why America is hated is not a curious question in third world.