Saturday, September 6

Google Chrome

Google is again in the news. Thats not a news.

This time they surprised many with a new browser. People who downloaded and used was not surprised though. Do I see a major GOOG difference out there? No. There is no menu bar and there is more space to view. Come on. I did not care about the extra inch. I dont have that in many apps anyways and I am not used to work on that top margin of my display anyways.
The tabs can be dragged out as a window. So what?
Apps can have shortcuts and they run on a disguised browser when clicked. Hmmm

Google says the browser is not any more a tool that is used to view pages. This is a platform for running apps. I vote mutiple times on this. This is the key. Web is now a new Ultra High Level OS. Not a window anymore. This is a door where you can walk into and play your role. This is a place for interaction.

I believe this is a browser for their Android. Happened to be for computers too. They wanted something like a Safari on iPhone. I dont believe they will compete in the PC market where IE still holds 60% share. But on Android they will have 100% share. They can create iPhone and S60 version of the browser and let users download. Again, not a browser. The Google Apps package. Google Gears.

You can also browse

Wednesday, September 3

Politics heating up

They are going to decide who the next Uncle Sam is. For a change some thought it would be an Aunt Sam. Not there yet though.

The US elections are really interesting. This year too so. There are only two contendors. This is a place they spend more time battling their own party men than fighting the real opposition. Too much focus on individual. Of course they election is for a monarch for the next five years. So it has to be vetted at the personal level. Less experience, young Obama with an older Biden against experienced old McCain with a young beauty queen Palin. Reformist Democrats vs Reformist Conservatives (!). Reform is one word they want to win. Though it is basically between War and no War. Tax cut for business vs Tax cut for low income. Abortion vs Pro-life.

They call it democracy. But the billions they spend in the professional exercises that last for years is mostly coming from businesses. What for? This is a democracy where if you pay $2300 you get to shake hands with Obama (at least during primary). All the payers are rewarded with access into the "democratic" system.

Good to watch on!