Tuesday, January 26

Salut to the Republic

Salut to the Republic
As it turns sixty today
and is just warming up

You still can see tears in the yarn
But cannot miss how complex is the fabric
Cannot but appreciate the colours it presents
How the warp and weft keeps it strong

You still can see potholes on the road
But cannot miss the reaches of the path
The amount of people it carries
And the way it connects the souls

Agree that we have a lot of roadblocks, still
Amazing is the progress we've had
The sons and daughters who flew the flag higher
Who brought the pride back to the land

The Indian dream is not a tagline today
But it is a fact we can be proud of
The land which has premiers in all fields
Of all casts and colours; men and women

Salut to the nation
As it breathes the sixtieth year
We've just started the journey
And have miles to go before we sleep