Thursday, February 18

Blogs are better

I have been away from blogging for a long time. I dont know if I am really back too. Things change. People change. Technology change. Slangs change. Who am I to resist these.

I have been through Orkut. Boring. Scraps. What do you mean? Non sense. Why not mail?

Facebook is neater. It does allow kind of blogging too. Microblogging. 

But its too distracting. People want to say they did brush, they had breakfast etc there. People talking just because they have to say something. And what I hate is it shouting at me Joe and Tom are friends. Why do I care?

But I am still on facebook. Because there are still people who have something to say. And it allows subscriptions. Much better to manage than Google Reader. But much less contents.

Twitter. I still do not get or agree why tweet. At a game, agree. At an event, agree. Best way to send out running commentaries. But why like "Me wlking to offce".

I remember the old man near our college. He used to sit on the roadside with a notebook, he will be jotting down all the time and sometimes talking loud too. He was insane. So we said. If I do a fast forward by 20 years, he will be there today, the same ragged cloths, but on a laptop logged on to a twitter account - and he would have had a 1000 followers and would have been famous on the cyber world. An amazing tweeter he could have been.

Secrets used to have a sanctity. Private matters used to have a meaning. Pictures in bound albums used to have excitement. Like the first day in an arranged marriage. Like the long waited first kiss. We killed all that.

Bloggers - I love you. Do some serious writing. Do not get carried away by the attention seekers.