Monday, June 14

The City of Joy

My first visit to Calcutta. Read it Kolkotta. The ride from Airport to Saltlake city itself raised up my curiosity. The new bypass is just the Kolkota image of the huge infrastucture investment in the rest of India. At least the cities. But everything else here makes Kolkotta look like a rural village!

The red flags in front of offices are not that high as expected. Well, they are in power here for ever - have been for ever. So no reason to. Probably. And there is virtually no organised opposition.

The buses are interesting too. The old big like buses - fully wooden, with small seats - again wooden. Will think twice for sure before getting into!

The worst part is the driving habits. Almost no rules - go the wrong way on a one way. Take reverse where you want, the guy behind you will just wait for you. Now park your car right on the intersection.. god, it was a scary ride all the way up and down. No wonder they still treat Ambys as the best cars available. Where else on earth you can have a discussion on the latest Amby - price, features etc?