Wednesday, March 8

Rights, Responsibilities and Democracy

Good thing about western democracy is one fundamental right - Freedom of expression. It is defined in the constitution in many countries. Now many people link Freedom of expression with freedom of thought and delink it with the fundemental responsibility of human being. Respect for others. Whatever one thinks shall not be freely expressed. There is no dearth of instances where a westerner get offended. Try talking English to a French.

Gregory Clarke wrote about how anti-racial statements are banned in the west. Where is the Freedom of expression there. I can get fired from my current employment if I mail a racist article. Does it pose a danger on my existence?

Human life should be guided by responsibilities. My responsibilities and his rights. This is what every religion taught. Though people who claim to be religious have now started talking about religious rights.

Belief in God is optional in Europe. But belief in holocaust is a must. A criminal offense.

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