Thursday, April 20

Cherry Blossoms

After the chilling days, cherry blossoms smiling on a sunny spring day. Snap taken at Saigoyama park, Shibuya.

Friday, April 14

Surah Fatiha for a child

He created the whole wide world..
..The steep mountains and the deep ocean
..The mighty trees and the pretty flowers
..The singing birds and the roaring lions

Even before I was born
Allah's mercy was all there

Mom and Dad, and a nice home
Nursing me with love and care

Teachers and friends so kind and good
When I grew up and went to school

When I do my work with prayer
He helps me get the right answer

What is good and what is fowl
My Lord knows the best of all

Be kind to friends and He'll be glad
Be nice to parents, He'll be pleased

O Allah, You are my master
O Lord, You alone I obey

When in need of any favour
To You only, I turn to pray

Lord, make me a child so nice
Bless me to be kind and wise

Save me from evil and wrong
Get me good friends all along

Help me never speak a lie
Love for you, I hold so high