Monday, March 22

Transitioning out of NeST

Adeiu and Well Wishes

I also wrote so to my colleagues

It is indeed very delighting to see NeST coming back to the good old days. The market is now vibrant and the vibrant workforce is just making it resonate. So happy to see that we have an all time high number of people onsite, which is just indicative. Probably even percentage wise, this is really good. More than 10% are onsite, for a company where 99% of work done on project basis. Great.

The Japanese market is getting back on feet and would be leaping forward in the coming years. We have generated the most valuable asset in the market - trust. We need to build this up, keeping in mind that honesty is the best policy. Trust is the best certificate. Trusted vendors are not looked in for CMM level or ISO or Quality Policy.

I had been with NeST for the past 7 plus years. The head and tail I spent in Japan. I am glad that I could get involved in many things. The early days of QEG, its transformation from QAD, a set of PR measures, the Intranest homepage and newsletters, all those are certainly mementos for me to cherish. DDG days also had been very interesting, thanks to the good, proactive and technically sound guys with great dedication, Anoop to be named. These days in Japan, alongwith the rising market penetration is a thing of pride, though I am not sure how much of these I am involved. Though Planex is seen as a success of mine, the real champions are Arun and the earlier people worked on the project day and night out. They disabled the door locks for me. I could easily open it. Though looks tough, I am sure that very soon we will be able to get a grand entry.

When I joined, near 100% revenue was from Japan. We have become 10 times in size, have introduced more labels and structures, still the NeST spirit remains the same. And we do have a great dependency on Japanese market now.

We now have a proven CEO, determined and dedicated to bring out the real success and I am sure the days are not too far for us to reach the heights which we all dreamt of one day.

It is, however, time for me to say adeiu and well wishes to you. I will not be physically with you, when you march ahead to future, winning laurels. I have decided to accept a challenging new oppurtunity, and would be leaving, God Willing, in a few weeks. Moments back, I submitted my formal resignation.

Once again wishing you all a grand success, and requesting that your prayers should be with me.

Sincere as always

Muhammad Riyaz
Nihon NeST Corp

Posted Wednesday, February 18, 2004


I decided to quit my job and switch back to India, on 17 Feb. The second such move in life so far. I wrote a long, friendly formal letter.

February 17, 2004

Mr. N. Jehangir
Managing Director,
NeST Group of Companies,
Plot No. 2, CSEZ, Cochin,

Mr. Yoshiharu Ogi, President, Nihon NeST Corporation, Japan
Mr. S.K.Pillai, President, Network Systems and Technologies (P) Ltd., Trivandrum

Dear Sir

It is with great reluctance I submit this letter of resignation, effective March 16, 2004. I am to pursue another opportunity, God Willing, to further my career goals and achieve growth through a senior role in one of the enchanting technology domains.

It has been my genuine pleasure to work for NeST during these seven plus years. I have enjoyed working with the finest of professionals and colleagues at NeST, and will miss my associations here. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

I will try my best to make sure that my leaving does not affect any of the current activities, and if there is anything special that I can do, I will gladly make myself available to this effort during the next four weeks.

Thank you for allowing me to serve NeST and would always cherish the sweetest memories I have. Once again, I wish NeST continued success and I would support you in all the capacities I would have, in future also.


Muhammad Riyaz
Nihon NeST Corporation

Posted Wednesday, February 18, 2004

My Codes for Work

  1. All the rules are laid out by The Almighty, we understand parts of some, we strive to learn more. Know that the best knowledge is to know the lack of knowledge
  2. Revenue cannot be created. Create market, create well wishers, create benefactors. Rest would come as per the rules.
  3. Customer comes first. People come next. Process to keep it to be built. Profits would follow.
  4. Keep honesty at all times. Never ratify them with financials.
  5. Keep commitments. They could mean commercial blunders. But would build an asset money can never buy - trust. Among own people, among customers.
  6. Personal values are to be kept. They dont like talking money. Yet, need to be flexible to absorb the environment. Understand that a gyro keeps direction, not just because the inner wheel is stable, but because the outer wheels are flexible enough.
Posted Thursday, February 12, 2004