Monday, March 26

Sakura time

Its Sakura time in Tokyo. The weather ministry has approved the season after certifying at least 6 of the identified sakura trees are in blossom now. The sweet, "japan" colored cherry blossoms!!! Party time, Tokyo!!!!

For a good percentage of population, it appears that this is what they lived for after the last sakura. Cameras, flashes, zoom accessories, get ready. The 87 year olds have been seeing this for the past 87 years and still only "warming up" (copy Larry King Live). The only thing new this year is probably the new higher spec camera.

It will be parties this week. Under the cherry blossom, they will have gatherings from shakai-s, offices, friends. The businesses smile from behind as W, W and W have their annual gathering. The sakuras smile from above as the mankind let themselves off on a such short lived, fragile, soft flowers and keep waiting for another year on them.

Nevertheless, they are a sweet meal for the eyes..

Thursday, March 22

Dad's day at school

Ian presented me with this portrait on Dads day at school. A fun day at school with daddys..

Had this been school, playing, painting, drawing, cutting, pasting, playing... I would have never stopped going to school. Should have taken a video to show to the so called playschools in India!

Monday, March 19

Chalti ka naam gaadi

Touch and go invades Tokyo. Now one prepaid IC card will work across all buses and trains in Tokyo area. Taxis and flights, not yet:) This is really good. So far only JR had the IC card. Suica with the penguin icon. For private lines, Toei lines and Tokyo Metro, the ticket system was different. Though in some of the popular routes, they issued combined tickets. You had to bother about which company runs the line you use. No more. I used my JR Suica to office today. No hiccups, smooth sailing it was. No clogging at the gates and the human traffic was just flowing. With Suica, now I can board all the trains, dont bother who runs them, buses and purchase at Kiosks at any station too. Good. Also this probably is a huge step for credit cards in Japan, with a late start. With the credit card embedded IC cards from Tokyo Metro, the card will get automatically charged when you exit with a low charge in card. Hmm.. automatic.. dangerous... And now with the mobile phones embedding these IC cards and credit cards, you will be totally living out of your mobile phone and a credit card company? I dont think I will use the new card in bus. Why should I? For trains I had the advantage of rushing towards the train. In bus, I am using this inside the bus. It is definitely good for me if the person ahead of me uses the card so that I can get in on a winter day. No advantage for me but. And I lose the 15% added points that the buses give for prepaid cards.. Anyway, no more JR, shitetsu, chikatetsu, Toei.. chalti ka naam gaadi.

Saturday, March 17

Tokyo Tower turns green

Tokyo Tower is lit today in green from 7PM to 11PM - St Patrick's day during the Japan Ireland Friendship year

Thursday, March 15

My boarding pass

Do I have invisible arrows and gate numbers in life too? Is there an invisible boarding pass stating which Gate is assigned for me? Am I sure that the possessions I checked in are going to take the same route as I will?

With a visibly printed boarding pass, with all these boards, with all the big systems working at the back end - at times we get confused. We get into hurry at the last minute. We get our baggage lost.

Lord, I am blind to all these invisible guidances in life. I am deaf to the announcements. I am dumb to ask any. A little of these, with thy blessings is all that I seek. Not putting myself in the auction for someone to call up a price for. Not any trust on the planning and calculations that my limited arithmetic can do.

Wednesday, March 14


All the best, Riyaz!!!
Our prayers always with you!
When you are on something, someone to be with you. Wishing you when you take up new things. Supporting you when you need something. Keeping a portion of prayers from their heart for you.

This message from Soorej moved me. I had a couple like this three years back too
when I was confirming my move from Japan to Bangalore. Insha Allah, I am working on my next move. I never planned anything for me. Things happen as it happens. The way Lord decides it should. I only execute. Then He can have his axe anytime for my good.

Will keep posted, just started the official processes. May be a month - or two - as I see now. Let us see. Keeping prayers and trusting on them from around. Humble requests.. as always..