Tuesday, August 26

Back after Ijtima

Had been to Hudson Valley NY for MKA Ijtima. Three days and nights and back home to see Aiden and Ian getting sick - fever and body pain. So working from home today

Friday, August 22

New York this weekend

I am leaving for New York tonight. Khuddamul Ahmadiyya National Ijtima. This is the second time I will be in NY. First after 2001 - the WTC towers did exist at that time. I dont have time to check the non existent towers this time though..

Wednesday, August 20

Getting back online

Six months. Aiden is now a happy boy. He sits down, smiles, coos, plays with his soft toys. He kept us all busy all these days. Now he is part of our daily life. Cant even think of the days when he was not around..

Let me try get back online. A few lines a day..