Thursday, June 25

ameriCa ameriCa

Obama is past 100 days. People say the honeymoon is over. But I doubt if he really had a honeymoon. He came to a hot seat and he was not sitting tight.

Anyways its interesting he is changing the C of ameriCa. From Corporate to Consumer. From Capitalism to Care for the community (shhhh.. don't call it socialism. Thats a big crime). Instead of pumping money into the rich, waiting for them to spend and revive economy, he decided to pump in money straight - into infrastructure projects.

C for commoners. He wants the common man to understand the chocolate coated dangers of credit cards. And all credits. He is attacking the revenue model and cheating ways of the credit card industry.

The next war is on health insurance. The entire American society runs on fear and insurance that protects from them from this fear. Create fear and protect. Protect you from mistakes that doctors do. Protect doctors from claims you will make. Protect you from liabilities on accidents. Create a lot of What ifs and sell them. Insurance. Saddam did not have a WMD at the end of all the search. Here is a WMD that everyone knows and no one cares to go near. Will Obama really dare to tread?

Americans on an average have a lot of medical awareness. For a headache they are told it is better to take a scan. What if there is a so and so that you miss? You are insured, go take that. Doctors are happy as they order more tests. Labs are happy. And patients are happy too. All the credit and insurance companies are happy. Who is unhappy?

What Americans need is health education. Health is not taking drugs and suppliments. Come out of the fear. There is no end for fear. East less. Eat healthy. Take less medication. Take less tests. Save money.

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