Wednesday, August 10

Has the shadow started fading?

In Japanese, babies are called akachan. aka means red. Youth is seinen. Literally blue life, blue years. Does that mean we cover the full VIBGYOR spectrum of life by youth. No colours after that than the fading violet? When we can only envy on the bright colurs around?

In one of our college magazines, I remember there was a story about shadows. The early part of the day, when we have long shadows, when we were running towards the shadows and slowly swallowing the shadow until it becomes zero. Afterwards we see it growing behind us. Now the shadow is following us. Wherever we go, the shadow follows us. And it starts growing... keep on growing and slowly fades away. Whoever was the author, he had nicely depicted this to reflect the similie of life. Very beautifully. Enjoyed reading it. For, in those days, we never realised how the zero shadow looked like. Theorotically, yes, you cannot define when the shadow is zero. But in these days of extreme planning, its not a bad thing to have a worst case estimate though.

When I crossed the last birthday, while I thankfully saw people like Cherian and Tom still bother to remember these silly dates, there was a slow transform happening in me. If, for eg., I take 70 as the longest practically useful period of life (God forgive, I am not trying to estimate my life - I am not even to be completing this word) then, I just hit the noon? I grew from red to blue and now the indigo and violets are coming in to fade away? When I look back I can only see my shadow of what I had been doing for this long. Is my shadow only growing long? Are the edges blurry, less sharp? Is it fading too?

Did I realise that only my shadow grows now? Earlier when my shadow was shrinking, I was growing. But now? When I was young, I had a legitimate doubt (so do I say) that I asked my father. I have got my head already. How and why do I grow more?

Looking ahead, what do I have? When I am starting to shrink, am I thinking of growing my career?

Start shrinking? There was a Shakespere poem in Ist PDC - All the world's a stage. The life cycle starts with a child who grows and later shrink to what the poet calls second childhood.  Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

If we were to know where exactly is the mid point, we would have been more cautious? Remember those old day funny quizzes? How much you can walk into a 1 km radius forest? 1 km. After that you are walking out of it. When do we start walking out? Remember the last days in college? When we realised we were walking out?

Well, I am talking against the beauty of life probably. The real beauty is that you never know when the last bell will ring. Still.. we should know there is a guy standing below the bell and no one can stop him once he decides to bang?

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