Tuesday, August 11

God Forgives...

God Forgives.. that was the theme of the just concluded MKA Youth retreat (Ijtima)

Heard it so many times. God is mercy; God is love. But what does that mean. I dont like directly equating God to a verb or noun. I think they do it just for the beauty of the statement.

Now what God Forgives mean to me. It did not click until I was there. Until I heard what I heard - people talked from their walks; words came out of their mouth but originated in their hearts.

God Forgives - is a detergent that cleans my attire.
God Forgives - a body wash for me to cleanse myself
God Forgives - a sweeper to swipe my surroundings clean
God Forgives - a shovel and strainer that helps me dig my length and breadth and separate gems and mud
God Forgives - a shield that stops the burning sunlight from damaging my skin

God Forgives is a journey that I do not want to be late to start. Its a journey thats never too late though.

Its a journey down the road less traveled. But its a journey that can be done without fail.

Its a journey where there is no looking back. At the same time its a journey where the memories can always help you keep going.

Its a journey where the black and white becomes separate. Its a journey when you touch the white it turns black again.

Its walking the talk. And talking the walk.

A journey that never ends.....

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